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Please complete and return one form for each member in the household no later than October 24th 2015. Copies of these were mailed or emailed to last year's members, but you may also fill it out online and electronically submit it to Joanne Reeves, the Secretary/Treasurer. (You may want to print the completed form off to have a copy for yourself if you are electronically submitting this). Note: electronic submissions do not currently have the option of paying online.. you'll still have to mail that in (Mailing address is here) or bring it to Joanne in person.
Fall Registration Form 2013-2014
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(Due to the $10 discount, couples should submit registration forms and cheque(s) together in 1 envelope).
For The 1st Curling Schedule, I would like to curl in:
($10/day, if dues are not up-to-date for the present year)
If you wish to change any options for the 2nd or 3rd schedules, please note the changes towards the end of the 1st & 2nd schedules. Change sheets are put up on the bulletin boards by the scorecards. Thank you!