Upgrades – 2012

These photos were taken of the replacing of the  of the Curling Clubs pump in the Summer of 2012 with a much more modern version. Leaky pipes were discovered when the ice was put in in the fall of 2011, leading to the brine header system replacement in June 2012. As you can see, the old pump looks quite old.. and they had to remove some floor in the actual ice part of the club to get a view of the pipes.

One of the Club’s Directors, Wayne Welsh, gives an additional explanation:

The large blue pipe is the header for all the cooling lines that run under the ice. The old pipe had become rusted and was weeping cooling brine and was ready to break apart, putting our curling season in jeopardy, so it was decided by the executive to replace it. The company that replaced it said we should install a filter in the brine system, hence the picture of the filter. When they fired up the system to make sure it worked properly, they discovered that the motor for the pump did not work, hence the pictures of the new motor and the old motor they replaced.