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NDCC News April 4, 2018
The last week of curling in Norwich started off with a full house of Monday daytime curlers with friends from Woodstock, Tillsonburg and Delhi coming to join them. This `Funspiel` was just that, a lot of fun and friendship with some curlers coming back to find their brooms and shoes after several years away and realizing they hadn’t forgotten how to throw a rock! Coming out on top and winning cash sponsored by Armstrong Acres was Jack Lebold, Mark VandenBorre, Anne Kemp and Bill VanWyk. Completing the top three were the teams of Jim McElhone, Bill Meek, Bill Freeman, Norm Sheidow followed by Richard Learn, Tom Smith, and Kerry and Elaine Bushell. Huge thanks to Dave and Judy Armstrong for organizing this fun closing day.

Tuesday saw the last night for the Choose Your Own League. The championship playoff for this was between Donna Jean Graham’s rink of Dave Janssens, Shaun Swanton and Larry Brady against Jon and Catherine Peter, with Mike Knox and Anne Romme. The Graham rink prevailed by stealing a few ends and getting out in front, making it hard for the Peter’s rink to mount a come back. The evening finished with an enjoyable potluck meal.

Little rockers wound up their curling for the year with a wild pizza night on Wednesday with lots of Easter candy and cake to be had. The club was truly ‘rockin’ with kids enjoying the end of a successful curling season.

Wednesday night saw action as the ‘Last Chance’ bonspiel took place, organized by Chris Fordham as a baseball game. In what was a very different way to score, you had to get rocks into the four foot ring in order to bring all the other ‘players’ (actually rocks) home and score points. Figuring out the best way to score and winning top prize donated by Dave Stevens was the team of Mark VandenBorre, Marlene Learn, Mardy VanEsch and Al Povoledo. They will all go flying! Huge thank you to Dave for these generous prizes and also sponsors McFarlan Rowlands and Equity Associates Inc.

Thursday evening curling also finished with a potluck, with glasses awarded to the top team of Greg and Michelle Warboys, with Craig Barker and Rennie Steward.








This was a repeat for the Warboys duo, having won the second draw with Mike Knox and Anne Romme.









Friday night curlers finished the season the week before, with Jack Dean’s team of Carol and Jim McLaren and Al Povoledo winning the glasses. How many do you have now Carol and Jim??

So as we say goodbye to the ice, we await our annual banquet and auction, to be held this Saturday April 14. This is a super fun event, that gives us a chance to mingle with friends and enjoy a great meal and fun trying to out bid them on desired items. See you there and this fall at the curling rink!

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