A pre-Christmas roundup of 1st draw winners/events/pictures

There is lots to cram into this post before we take a Christmas/New Years hiatus, so lets get right to it!

First off, the winners of the First Draw on Thursday night mixed curling were the team of Greg and Michelle Warboys, Randy Jepma, and Chris Fordham (away when this picture was taken, and some personal vindication to our new icemaker that the ice must be great 🙂 )


The Christmas “Feather Party” was also held on Thursday (Dec 19), where folks enjoyed some food and had a chance to win a turkey or ham in the annual turkey/ham draw (yours truly managed to win a turkey with a dice roll of 26).

Next, we have the winners of the first draw on Friday nights mixed: the team of Bill Kozub, Kathy Sayeau, Cheryl Polfliet, and Al Povoledo:


Friday Dec 20 was also a fun night, with teams mixed up dressed up in various Christmas garb..


Curling resumes after the New Years Day holiday!

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