Registration Form/Membership Page Updated For 2013-14 Season

Hello everyone: The online registration form for membership for 2013-14 has been updated at the website at our Sign Up! page/tab you can see at the top of the website or at the right sidebar menu. (Not much difference from last year’s form; just the change of the date, as well as the deadline for getting it in).

Just a reminder from last year: this isn’t a replacement of the forms that you have received in email or regular mail. If you prefer filling it out and bringing it to the Club or mailing it, by all means, that’s still an option. This is just enhancing the ability to send in the forms faster, or if you can’t be there on Open House Night, or want to save some postage 🙂

This is also handy if you’re not a current member and wanted to register. Remember though that there is currently not a way to pay fees electronically from this form, so you’ll still have to pay that by snail-mailing it to Joanne, or delivering it to her in person. If you have any questions about the fees or anything else about the club, contact Joanne; she’ll be happy to help you out.

I’ve also updated the Membership Page, which gives information on some of this year’s stuff, such as membership fees and so on.

UPDATE: The ‘Contact Us‘ page (which lists the Board of Directors and how to get a hold of us) has also been updated.

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