Photos from the last curling night until the 2013 New Year

On the last day of the particular day/draw before the Christmas/New Year break that the Club takes, it’s tradition to have some sort of potluck or finger foods after the curling. Friday night mixed is no exception. This past Friday, the convener Kathy Sayeau and the rest of the group decided to hold a “Jitney” event.. which basically means scrambling up the teams randomly. This was done as a way to meet the new curlers we gained on the Friday draw, and basically make it a fun first outing for them:

You’ll no doubt notice the paint jobs on the rings looking a little worse for wear after the power failure a week ago. The ice was a tad straight and a tad fast, but it was fortunate we still have ice at this point (thanks to our ice-maker James for spending a lot of time last Sunday night saving what we had).

Afterwards, a good potluck and festive gathering was enjoyed by all:

A Merry Christmas to all, and see you all in the New Year.

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