A plethora of pictures for you – curling draw winners and a special donation

I’ve had several photos sent to me today, so let’s post them all at once, shall we? We have photos for the Monday night winners of the first draw, the Friday night winners of the first draw, and a group photo of the Monday night ladies helping out with a great cause.

Let’s get right to the photos…

First, the Monday Night Ladies First Draw winners!

From L-R: Lead: Melanie Corbett, 2nd: Ellen Topham, Vice: Mary Hoskins, Skip: Kathy Sayeau

Also from Monday night, the Monday night ladies presented the food, toy and money donations to the Salvation Army of Norwich Monday night. The representatives send many thanks to the members for their years of continued support for the community.

And lastly, the photos of the Friday night first draw winners…

From L-R: Dick Learn, Skip. Marlene Learn, Vice. Scott Tribe, Second. Al Povoledo, Lead.

Thanks to everyone for the pictures sent in. That leaves Tuesday and Wednesday.

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