Schedules/Score/Spares (except Tuesday) updated.


I’ve entered in all the schedules and scores from Week 1 that I saw on the sheets, as well as the spares/contact info (those pages are password protected: please fire me off an email if you’d like to see those pages, and I’ll email you the password). The only exception is Tuesday’s “Pick Your Own”. There was neither a schedule of teams (though I understand there are 5 teams) nor a score-sheet there as of this past Friday, so hopefully it will be up next week, or someone from that night will be kind enough to send me the teams and current scores.

One other note: I’ve put the Spares/Contact Info for each night in a sub-page to the Curling Schedule/Results. I have for now not put anything in the “Curling Members Only” protected page, as I figured it made more sense to put the spares under the night they have put down for. When I have something to add in there – either from request by the Board of Directors or whatever – I’ll post it on here.

(PS – If you see any errors on the scoresheets or teams etc, let me know)

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