Teams and Schedules (slowly) being added

Hello everyone; I’ve started to add the daily schedules and teams to the website, and I’ll add the results as I get them sent to me, or find them posted at the club. I’ve added  the Monday Night Ladies Teams/Schedules on here to the Curling Schedule page,  and will get the results up shortly. I’ll add the other schedules for the other days as I get them, and have time to add them on here.

You’ll notice if you look at the  Monday night league that I’ve also added a Spares list/other contact info page. I’ll be adding those Spare lists etc to each of the schedules as I receive them. You’ll also notice if you try accessing that Spares/Contact page that it  requires a password for you to get into it –  a password you’ll need to request  from me to access the page (a safety precaution so that the entire internet doesn’t see your contact info).

I don’t think you have to necessarily register and login as a member of the site for the password on the Spares page to work for you; I think if you have the password to the page, entering it in at the page  would be fine and not require you to login (though it would be helpful for me in identifying you as a legitimate member of the NDCC  if you did register as a member here at the site). We’ll soon find out however 😉

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