What a curling rink looks like before the ice is in.

If you ever wondered how the ice is installed or “made” at the Curling Club,  here is what the rink looks like currently, as of Saturday October 6th:

The picture on the left shows a shot of the “ice surface” in its initial stages. The compressor has been on for a few days at this point, and they’ve started the process of making the ice. You are seeing the brine pipes running the length of the surface. The picture on the right shows a closeup of the brine pipes, plus some of the sand. The sand forms the base, and the ice is formed on top of it. The sand is sprinkled with water and it freezes to start the formation of the ice.

We are showing the first stages of the icemaking; hopefully, I’ll get some other pictures that shows the progress of the ice building until the final product when it’s completed.

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