Signup Registration Page added.

I’ve added a signup registration form page here. I basically took what was on the registration forms that Joanne Reeves and the Curling Club has mailed out or emailed out to members, and tried to re-create it online. I’ve tested it, using myself as the guinea pig, and it appears to have sent correctly. I’ve designed it right now so that the form gets forwarded to Joanne’s email (and a backup copy to me, in case she doesn’t get it, so that I can at least forward it along to her).

This isn’t a replacement of the forms that you have received in email or regular mail. If you prefer filling it out and bringing it to the Club or mailing it, by all means, that’s still an option. This is just enhancing the ability to send in the forms faster, or if you can’t be there on Open House Night, or want to save some postage 🙂

Please note: Currently, the Club is not setup to directly take electronic deposit, so if you do the form online, you’d still have to bring your payment in or mail it to the Club.

UPDATE ON 9/27/12 – I should also say here that new curlers or prospective members are welcome to also use this form, if you aren’t a member and didn’t receive the signup sheets, and if you have any questions, contact Joanne Reeves, the Club’s Secretary/Treasurer. I’m sure she’d be happy to provide you with info.

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