New Events added to Event Page/Calendar

I’ve added some more events over the course of the curling year. Please note for a lot of these later ones, I don’t have times yet for them, or details. So, I’ll post those here or update them on the Events page/calendar as they’re provided to me.

I’ll also note that the Events page and . . . → Read More: New Events added to Event Page/Calendar

Signup Registration Page added.

I’ve added a signup registration form page here. I basically took what was on the registration forms that Joanne Reeves and the Curling Club has mailed out or emailed out to members, and tried to re-create it online. I’ve tested it, using myself as the guinea pig, and it appears to have sent correctly. I’ve . . . → Read More: Signup Registration Page added.

Membership Page added

I’ve added a Membership Page to the site, which lists all curling fees and related items. There was also a Registration Form mailed out to people, and I’ll be seeing if I can actually create the same registration form on here for people either to print off, or to do it online and email it . . . → Read More: Membership Page added

New Photo Page

I’ve added a new photo page (you can either scroll over the tab which is located above the photo of the club, or click on it from the pages menu on the right sidebar).

I’ll be adding in whatever photos people would like to see. At the moment, I’ve put in a section showing some . . . → Read More: New Photo Page

NDCC 44th Annual General Meeting

The NDCC’s AGM was held this year on Sept 5th, 2012. A copy of the Minutes can be read by clicking the “Continue Reading” link.


. . . → Read More: NDCC 44th Annual General Meeting

Curling School!

This will be the 2nd year that the Club has been holding a “Learn to Curl” Course. It’s objective is self-explanatory. It’s goal is to get people interested in the sport and hopefully join the Club as new members to play the game.

Learn to Curl!


. . . → Read More: Curling School!

Welcome to the new Norwich & District Curling Club website!

Welcome to the new Norwich Curling Club site as it gets relaunched and revamped. I’m still testing out looks and how the site will be organized, so thank you for your patience while new content is created.

I’ve implemented an Event Page on here, so if you have some events that you’d like to have . . . → Read More: Welcome to the new Norwich & District Curling Club website!